Being in front of a professional photographer at a portrait session is a very nervous situation for most people. The idea is to get past the mindset of standing up straight and saying cheese. Portraits provide us with some of our most beautiful or striking images. Getting the subjects to relax and be themselves is critical for capturing special portraits. A rapport with the subject is vital. This is a major part of the photographer’s job. The idea is to capture that certain something that makes you, you. Often the initial images are stiff, and I take the time to allow a relaxed feeling to develop.

With over 30 years in the business, Stan Goldblatt Photo has become a trusted source for capturing your memories, and I pride myself in this selection and service.  There will never be a predetermined amount of photos shot at a session. I continue until we get that special photo or photos, whether it be for a business or family, and all final images are retouched before printing as part of the cost.

In the end, these are the images that will help create your memories. Years from now when you or others look at these photos, the images will have captured something special of you at that moment in time. For more information on our portraits, contact Stan Goldblatt Photo today.

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