Photo Restoration

Old photos are truly a prized possession. They are physical testaments to a faraway past, something we need to make sure never disappears. In essence, photography restoration helps keep these memories alive by treating them with the utmost respect and care. Make your one of a kind photos look like new with Stan Goldblatt Photo.

We never work on the original, all restoration is on digital copies so as to not damage possibly your only copy of a photograph. When the original is too brittle to be scanned in the usual way, a photographic copy is made preventing the need to press the original in a scanner We will use a multitude of techniques to find the best one that works for the best restoration outcome.

We provide a variety of services in old photo restoration, photo retouching and photo compositing to the Orange County, Westchester and New York City areas. These procedures require delicate hands and experienced eyes, which our staff prides itself after being in the photography business for over 25 years. Stan Goldblatt Photo will ensure your memories are not lost, but also are not mistreated.

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Make your one of a kind photos like new.

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